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Cancer Bundle


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This bundle was designed for people who may be suffering from all Cancer, including hpv, genital wartsherpes, HIV/AIDS.

Please understand your diet must change in order to properly heal your body, all Cancer thrives off “SUGAR” cancer is a growth of tumors that creates cancer cells throughout your body. In order to properly heal your body, and compress/element cancer cells YOU MUST GO VEGAN❗️
meaning, a lifestyle of only eating fruit, nuts vegetables and some beans. 


Take all products as listed, everything in the morning and drink plenty of water throughout the day, follow a (Plant Base) lifestyle (Vegan)


Seamoss Gel-organic wild crafted seamoss (seaweed) spring water, organic lemon juice 

Yellow Dock- yellow dock extract 1500mg vegetable capsule

Soursop- soursop extract 1500mg vegetable capsule

Blackseed- blackseed extract 1500mg. Vegetable capsule.

(All imported from India, licensed bonded and tested in a FDA lab for purity)

*This products are a great help aim to get your body on track, keep in mind everyone’s body is different and may take months of this same regiment to see full results


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