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Seamoss Juice not available for shipping till October 7th
Seamoss Juice not available for shipping till October 7th

Immunity Travel Pack 7 Day Supply

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This travel pack was designed to simply ease your mind while travelling in our new crazy word, while continuing to boost immunity, promote a stress free experience, to make sure you have a great safe time.

  • Seamoss- Known for providing you with 102 minerals, removes mucus and inflammation, provides a natural source of energy and helps with digestion while building immunity
  • Blackseed- Great for inflammatory pain, helps with blood circulation, great for any kind of chronic pain
  • Elderberry- High in antioxidants, great for immunity 
  • Ashwagandha- Works wonders for stress, depression, mental clarity and anxiety


7 Day Supply


Seamoss Capsules, Elderberry Capsules, Blackseed Capsules, Ashwagandha Capsules 


Age 12 and above, take one pack of capsules each day while traveling with a minimum of 8oz. of water each morning. (capsules can be opened)


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Please note none of my products are FDA approved, these products are a help aid, but have not been classified as a "cure aid" by the  U.S government.

Also consult with your doctor before removing yourself off your prescribed medication.