Oregano Essential Oil 1 oz.

Oregano Essential Oil 1 oz.

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Oregano Essential Oil

It is applied to the skin for skin conditions including acne, athlete's foot, oily skin, dandruff, canker sores, warts, ringworm, rosacea, and psoriasis; as well as for insect and spider bites, gum disease, toothaches, muscle pain, and varicose veins. Oregano oil is also used topically as an insect repellent.
  • natural antibiotic
  • kills bacteria
  • natural pain reliever
  • May help to lower cholesterol 
  • May have cancer healing properties 


Use 2-3 drops, on effect area , may be applied topically on skin dilute with olive oil or coconut oil for skin care, inhaled directly, or diffused for best results. (If taking for toothaches, dilute with water and gargle for 30 seconds and spit out) DO NOT SWALLOW ❗️

No GMOs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Flavors, No Soy, No Fillers and No Gluten

If you are currently taking prescribe medication consult with your doctor before removing yourself off of any of your prescribe medication, as well as adding this to your daily regimen

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