Chlorella And Spirulina Tablets

Chlorella And Spirulina Tablets

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Spirulina & Chlorella Tablets 

Sea Vegetable 

 When taken together as a supplement, they provide you with a unique balance of green superfoods, as the combination boasts complete protein and a wide array of vitamins and minerals, some of which you can't get easily from a plant-based diet. This tablet is a great option for people who are vegan, vegetarian, practice intermittent fasting, have undergone weight loss surgery or if you just need more protein in your diet that comes from a natural source other than an animal.

  • Very Nutritious- Protein (60%), Vitamin B12 (15%), Iron (5%), Vitamin C (5%), Magnesium (5%), Potassium (9%), Fiber (1%)
  • Binds To Heavy Metals, Aiding Detox chlorella/spirulina has been shown to help lower the amount of other harmful chemicals that are found in food. One of these is dioxin, a hormone disruptor that is found in animals from our food supply.
  • Enhance Your Immune System- Chlorella may bolster immune function by increasing the activity of various parts of the immune system.
  • Helps Improve Cholesterol- The nutrients found in chlorella, including niacin, fiber, carotenoids and antioxidants, may help lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Helps lower Blood Pressure in Check- Some research on chlorella has pointed to a blood pressure-lowering effect. Many of its nutrients have been shown to prevent arteries from hardening.
  • Acts As An Antioxidant- Chlorella contains several compounds that are considered antioxidant, including chlorophyll, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein. These antioxidants can help fight many chronic diseases.
  • Manages Respiratory Diseases- Like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) often requires controlling inflammations (steroids) but taking Chlorella/Spirulina has many components that can help reduce inflammation, including its many antioxidants.
  • Improves Blood Sugar Levels- Taking chlorella supplements may help lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity in non-alcohol livers.


50/50 blend of two potent, chlorophyll and protein rich algae. Organic base product that comes directly from the plant.

No GMOs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Flavors, No Soy, No Fillers and No Gluten


Take 2 tablets in the morning with large cup of water before your first meal of the day.


180 tablets, 3 month supply

If you are currently taking prescribe medication consult with your doctor before removing yourself off of any of your prescribe medication, as well as adding this to your daily regimen.

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