Raw Wildcraft Seamoss
Raw Wildcraft Seamoss
Raw Wildcraft Seamoss

Raw Wildcraft Seamoss

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                   “BUY NOW PAY LATER “

2 oz. 

Want to test the quality before you buy in bulk? this sample is the best way to see if my Seamoss is a fit for you, This sample will make 2-3 16 oz. jar.

1 lb.

Can make 8-10 16 oz jars of Seamoss gel

6 lb.

Can make 70-75 16 oz jars of Seamoss gel 


15 lb. and OVER- this is for someone Who is in the business of selling seamoss 

No GMOs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Dyes 

(please don’t ask me where I get my Irish moss from)

Do your own research so you can understand quality seamoss, after researching you will find your way back to my page. I have the best quality Seamoss.

”Where ever there’s a ocean, you will find Seamoss”

Stop asking Seamoss distributors where they get they Seamoss from. It shows you don’t understand quality and it’s very insulting. Plus I can tell you whatever you want to hear. If you understand quality of a product you never have to ask that question.



Place raw Seamoss in a strainer and rinse off as much salt and residue as you can with warm water

 STEP 2.

Take raw Seamoss out of strainer in a large bowl with warm water place Seamoss in bowl and clean it, using your fingers thoroughly go through the seaweed to make sure it is clean.


Empty the water out that bowl and now that you have cleaned your Seamoss, add new cold water to your clean Seamoss. Make sure your water is covering Seamoss. Cut up a fresh lemon or lime and add it to the bowl with the Seamoss.


Cover your Seamoss and set a side for 16-24 hours.

Now this is the part that gets tricky, and honestly this is the part that really dictate how your Seamoss gel turns out”

STEP 5. 

Using a blender add Seamoss, you should only add Seamoss half way in blender. The other half should be water, the same water that your clean Seamoss was soaking in. Depending on your blender you will have to determine how long to blend your Seamoss, and that becomes tricky. But your Seamoss will be liquidated when you add it to your jars or containers. Place a lid on jars/containers and store in refrigerator. Within 3-4 hours your Liquid Seamoss should now be a gel.

Please note if your Seamoss didn’t turn into a gel, it’s because you added too much water in the blending process.

Also please understand, your Seamoss will not taste like my Seamoss. It’s a few more secret steps in my process, 😂I can’t Reveal everything” Trust me I told you enough 👈🏾“


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