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Shilajit Pure Resin 1.06oz


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Shilajit Benefits 

  • Slow down aging effects
  • Will provide you with natural energy
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Provide you with a better mood
  • known for  reducing anxiety
  • Will help improve hair growth ratio
  • Can fulfill nutrients deficiency
  • Known for regulating cholesterol
  • Reduce joints pain
  • Help with iron deficiency in the body
  • Strengthen bones and muscles mass
  • help aid for eradicating kidney stones
  • Can heal wound quicker

How To Use

  • Dissolve a wheat-grain size (200mg-400mg) Shilajit in a water glass to make a Shilajit drink
  • Consume the Shilajit drink one to two times a day. Drink at least 7-10 glass of natural water in a single day after consuming one glass of Shilajit drink. The natural water helps Shilajit to detox your body. Secondly, water can help you to digest Shilajit power since it has 80+ minerals and your body may not be used to the high quality minerals in the beginning.
  • The best consumption time is the morning with empty stomach. However, since Shilajit has a strong taste, some people may not be able to drink it empty stomach. Such people can take Shilajit at their own preferred time.
  • We don’t recommend Shilajit in powder form since it is not the true natural form of the NATURAL SUPPLEMENT.



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